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The Tax Resource Group is not a news service. Others do that very well-- see links below. Instead, we  offer commentary here aimed at helping practitioners understand the implications of important news items and how those news items potentially affect their clients.

Commentary on Recent Events
IRS Eases Relief Procedure for Missed S Elections

Good Sources of Complete Tax News
CCH (Commerce Clearing House)

Internal Revenue Service

RIA (Research Institute of America)

What's the IRS Up To Now?
We would truly value any information you may have about IRS examinations trends and issues or other such information that other practitioners could find useful. Please e-mail any information you have

IRS Focus on Partnerships

Tax Preparers: Losing Your Livelihood is Easier Than You Might Think

The Magic, Myth, and Reality of CD-ROM Tax Research Tools.

The IRS War on the Cash Method of Accounting.


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