The Tax Resource Group provides free access to tax research materials for tax professionals. In addition, we provide access to high-quality tax consulting services on an hourly- fee basis.

The Tax Resource Group: Professional Tax Research Material, Resources, and Consulting



Free Service on First Case!
Get up to30 minutes of free service on your first case. Of course, this offer is limited to tax professionals only. Also, only one person in your firm is eligible for this free service offer. Call for details.

What We Charge
What we charge is based on the type of service you need. All projects are billed in tenth-hours. There is no minimum charge per se, although we do bill at least 1/10 of an hour for any project or telephone contact.

Except for brief telephone-only consultations, we generally produce a memorandum (not a tax opinion) setting forth your facts, issues, our conclusions, and our reasons behind our conclusions.  This written response is very important. The matters we deal with are typically sufficiently complex that a written response is essential to effective communication. Other research firms often do not provide written responses. The Tax Resource Group is committed to providing this level of service. 

How We Work
Call (or fax or e-mail) and tell us what you need. If we can help you, we will tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take. Then we do it... Then we send a bill and you pay it. That's it, the whole deal.

How We Can Help
Call on the Tax Resource Group when...
You have a tax question in an unfamiliar area;
You want a second opinion about a conclusion you have reached;
You don't have time to research a tax matter;
You don't have adequate library resources to find the answer you need; or (and best of all)
You have a project to do and what you really want is to play golf or go home and be with your family.

Submit A Question
Submit a tax question to the Tax Resource Group.


Robert O. Graves, President of The Tax Resource Group, has been doing tax research extensively since 1979. After earning an MACC/Tax at the University of Georgia, Mr. Graves devoted the next 30+ years to the practice of taxation at large and small CPA firms. This experience included seven years with Price Waterhouse where he achieved the position of Senior Tax Manager.

While serving as tax manager of a local CPA firm, Mr. Graves discovered that there was nowhere to turn when he needed help with a tax technical issue or access to more technical resources. In 1992, he founded The Tax Resource Group to meet that unfulfilled need.

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